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Sonic the Hedgehog: MY HERO
About Sonic (and others, somewhat)

All about SONIC

As I said before, Sonic is AWESOME.  He looooves chili dogs, and has a very short temper, probably cause of his incredible speed.  Did I mention that he's the fastest thing on the planet?  Well, he is.  Teamed with Tails, he's pretty much unbeatable... even by Dr. Robotnik... ::gasp::  :P

Ok, I guess I'd better introduce his buddies...
Tails: Sonic's 3-tailed fox friend that he basically adopted early in his life... He's like a little brother to Sonic, and he'd do anything for him.
Knuckles: Sonic's relatively new friend.  He hasn't known Sonic as long as Tails, and still has his doubts about Sonic... but he's growing on him.
Amy: Er... I don't really know much about her... more on that later...
Cream: WHOA... I never even knew about her until about 3 days ago... I know NOTHING except that she's a rabbit.
Big the Cat: Basically a giant cuddly cat that likes to fish.
Shadow: An evil Sonic, I believe...
Rogue: Shadow's sidekick?
Dr. Robotnik: Sonic's evil genius rival... always making giant machines to rule the earth... or crush Sonic, whichever comes first...

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