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Baltimore Ravens

Welcome to my sports team shrine!

As you can probably tell, I love the Baltimore Ravens. Now especially, since they won the Super Bowl last year.
The Ravens Rule. As a matter of fact, did you know, (probably not) that I liked the Ravens before anyone else did? Well, it's true. I liked them before they got all the good players.

Being only 13, I know zilch about what the Ravens were like before, say, 3-4 years ago. Matter of fact, I know little about any team before when I was about 4 years old. So, you can't really say I'm a Team expert, but I do know the Ravens.
I started liking the Ravens about...2-3 years ago. At that time, though, the Dallas Cowboys and the Denver Broncos were my favorite teams. And I guess you could say they still are among my favorite teams, even though, now they stink. Well, the Ravens came along, and I was like, "Cool, a new team."
I didn't really like them at that time, but I gradually got to like them. I really started liking them when they traded for Shannon Sharpe, their tight-end.
My likeness finally reached it's peak at about 1/4 of the season of last year. When they finally got to the Super Bowl, I was so proud that my team had made it, when everybody else doubted them.

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In the News

The Baltimore Ravens LOST to the Green Bay Packers!!!!! In a devastating loss, the Ravens were unable to pull it off against the veteran Brett Favre.

Trivia Question

To encourage visitors to check back often, in this area I'll put a different trivia question each week or even each day. Here's this week's trivia question:

What football team has the two famous running-backs nicknamed "Thunder and Lightning"?

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